End of map fists

  • On a few of my servers i have fists disabled and so when the map ends and the server tries to change the losing team to fists it spams the sound that it cannot like 50x a second

    On a mildly related note: fun concept and all but the ability to attack before/after rounds just encourages team attacking which then spills into the live round when people decide to get revenge
    I would like to see the option to just have freeze time with no attacks possible

  • Fists are banned on almost all our servers.

    We could just unban fists from most of them.

    Never understood why fists were taken away.

    And the attacking at the start of the round doesn’t really start things between players. Only the stupid will retaliate becuase I that one second of time where you can swing.

    If you took it out people would swing when the game starts as they couldn’t before.

    I just tell then to shut up and explain it was the beginning of the round and push the admin login button. That shuts them up.

  • Games.On.Net should re-enable fists on all servers.

    I dunno if you’ve noticed, but there’s a general resentment of Games.On.Net servers by a large portion of the oceanic community. Disabled fists and third person being the primary reason behind it.

    I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard from various people “I wanna play Chivalry, but there’s nothing but f***ing games.on.net servers active right now”

    I’d almost rather they keep the annoying sound in the game purely for the sake of giving more justification for removing that stupid rule.

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