[MISC] Pure Instinct - The key to the success

  • If you are struggling because you are stuck and you can’t improve or you want simply to improve yourself if you are already good, this video is for you. This is a video that try to teach how to develop its own instinct and know the right thing to do in every context, everytimes, everywhere.

    Nobody has made a video like this, so I’m glad I can share it with you.

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  • Well gregcau will instinctively like this video.

  • 61 people watched this and only 1 comment? :?

  • I like it!

    The best thing about this is just the simplicity, the simplest moves to make in order to survive. When I started playing Chivalry I never thought I could handle 2,3, 4 guys at once but the instict has developed. :)

  • At first I was like:

    “Pff, this is some huge BS, only way to develop instinct is by playing and…”

    But actually this video gives a nice insight of how to handle stuff.
    And I’m totally gonna use the swing, stab, overhead thingy now :P

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