Standard bearer

  • Hey,

    maybe this topic or a similar already exists, but I hadn’t find one.

    To make this game more complex, a new class would be cool.
    The standard bearer or commander or something like that.
    He uses standards which deal less damage than other weapons,
    but give buffs for allies around it like dealing more damage, getting less damage or more stamina depending on the chosen standard.
    And this class can organize the team better, because the people have a bonus for gathering.
    The standard bearer should has the speed and armor familiar with the vanguard.
    Further this class should be limited on 2 or 3 per team.

    So also a team of people with lower ranks can win if they have a good standard bearer.
    And the matches would be more organized.

    What do you thing?


  • Sorry buddy no more classes will be added to the game.
    Not a bad idea though.

    I liked the defense/shield bonus in C-rpg (m&b). People that managed to create a shield wall get HP bonus or def bonus. I don’t remember.

  • :(

    but they should!

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