Some suggestions and ideas

  • Good day, developers! I have some suggestions about gameplay:

    • First of all fix blocking already - in closest range its impossible to parry or block attack from any weapon, especially from smaller weapons.
    • Add damage with a bigger weapon done to parry with smaller weapons and delay to shield block reuse after big weapon hit.
    • Add delay between combos and stabs to prevent spam attacks.
    • Increase stamina consumption by Men-at-arms when they dodge, but allow them to dodge when taking damage.
    • Increase time used to switch weapons from ranged to melee for Archers.
    • Reduce damage done with oil pots to secondary targets. Increase time to resupply oil pots.
      I`m already posted this message in different part of forum, delete it, if you want.

  • Agreed with nearly every point, blocking a hammer with a toothpick and not getting damage is kinda…interesting. Especially because there is a “blocking strength” bar for melee weapons

  • Am I the only one that has strange non-fps related lag while looking around? I would have 60fps and looking around feels slugish and unresponsive at times. Is this an issue with the first and third person model being the same? That, alongside actual FPS lag from bad map optimization as well as server lag from bad netcode, can pretty much make anyone quit there and then. This is especially apparent when in a FFA match.

    Speaking of models, anyone notice how some animations don’t play out properly? For example you would see the guy move his sword behind his head to do an overhead strike and then the next second he hits you…then he swings. The animations don’t actually sink up with what is actually happening. BF3 has a similar issue, as they’ve animated their characters, but later changed their reload speeds and now people look like they’re reloading and shooting at the same time.

    Controls also tend to suffer from lag, sometimes I notice the keys not actually registering. I would spawn, press w and nothing would happen, I would have to press w again for me to move forward. Very strange.

    Also, one big issue is the fact that you can swing twice my double clicking in the extent of a second. If I accidentally double click for my first swing, I shouldn’t really start another 6 seconds later. Maybe my clicks should register near the end of said swing.

    Another issue I have with the game is how unresponsive the weapons feel. The attack speeds are too low I believe. Now hear me out. I don’t mean double the attack speed, just increase it by 10% maybe 15%. Having someone swing a what looks like a 20/30kg sword, shouldn’t take 7 seconds. I agree it would take a long time for them to recover properly, but the initial swing shouldn’t take that long. I mean once you have it high enough, your job is pretty much done, gravity will do most of the work for you.

    The last issue I have is this dodging mechanic. It’s a great idea, light class that is quick and nasty, perfect. But it’s not executed well. Right now, people dodge around and swing at the same time, which pretty much looks like they’re teleporting in and out of your face. Maybe don’t let people swing while dodging and make the animation a bit more obvious, because right now it just looks like server lag.

    Oh yeah, and the crosshair is a bit hard to see, maybe give us a selection?

    Other than that, great game, hopefully we’ll see some further improvements and support which will in turn help you make a name for yourself as an indie developer.

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