Add Chivalry to GameTracker

  • I was wondering if anyone had all the information that gametracker asks to add a game to their server tracking system and if anyone would be interested in submitting it.

    Here’s the link:

    I’m not really huge in this department for the unreal engine so if anyone knows all the information here, or if one of the developers might want to submit it so server owners like me can track our server.

    ~I own the 40 player server with the name
    Feel free to join it, it’s a full map rotation of team objective maps and usually full.

  • That wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  • We are currently using Gametracker’s Half Life 2 banners for Chiv game stats and despite requests and actually producing a background image for them, Gametracker have shown no interest in supporting Chiv whatsoever.

    Thankfully the guys at Simrai are working on their own game stats now, so we have given up on Gametracker. Sorry that this doesn’t help with your plight but good luck with trying to get Gametracker to even respond a request for Chiv game stats.

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