[KNIGHT] Knight Tasks (brainstorming)

  • As each class has a particular role on the battlefield I would like to break it down into single tasks to get a better overview.

    Obviously the Knight is a slow and heavy melee fighter but it should be possible to break it down on more specific situations. Weapons choice doesn’t matter here so Maul tasks are Knight tasks and Sword&Shield tasks are also Knight tasks.

    Tasks are not coupled to their outcome but to the role the class is playing. We should be able to get useful tasks by answering sufficiently specific:

    (1) As a team captain which order would you give to your Knights?

    (2) As a Knight what situations would you be in most of the time?

    (3) As a Non-Knight what do you expect/like your Knights to do?

    (4) What are tasks that only Knights can fullfill?

    ! List for now:
    ! - backing up lighter classes using their damage resistance
    ! - frontline fighting
    ! - wearing down enemy reinforcements
    ! - reducing enemies numbers before getting past them
    ! - fighting/holding multiple opponents at one time
    ! - fighting/surviving multiple opponents in succession
    ! - tank and survive (for other classes) deadly blows
    ! - fight engaging/lead team to battle
    ! - draw attention
    ! - creation of opportunities
    ! - prolong fights
    ! - protecting weaker teammates like archers
    ! - blocking chokepoints/spawns
    ! - melee damage support
    ! - shielding teammates

  • (1) As a team captain which order would you give to your Knights?

    Back up the other classes using to their advantage their resistance to damage, so that less-armored classes wouldn’t have such a harsh time.

    (2) As a Knight what situations would you be in most of the time?

    What other classes can’t accomplish, that’s to say, be in the frontline. The way I see it, knights are the last hope to reduce enemy reinforcements so that the remaining classes can finish the job.

    (3) As a Non-Knight what do you expect/like your Knights to do?

    I’d expect them to reduce the enemy in numbers before they get past them.

    (4) What are tasks that only Knights can fullfill?

    Manage multiple opponents, receive deadly blows that would have killed other classes.

  • 1. Always engage first, always be at the front lines. The primary focus of the Knight is to absorb damage, and create opportunities in melee. Your job as a knight is to draw the attention of the other team, and have your allies find openings created by your ability to survive and prolong fights.

    2. Knights should always lead their team into battle. They should always protect the less armored classes (i.e. archers) and use their shields wisely. They are also ideal for blocking important chokepoints/spawns.

    3. I expect them to distract the other team’s melee and archers by absorbing hits and prolonging fights.

    4. Surviving multiple opponents at the same time or in succession.

  • What the others said seems fair - I feel like its an important job of knights to target switch well, and land big old overheads on as many people as possible rather than necessarily going just for kills. Its great for a team to have a clever knight opportunistically landing heaps of accurate grandmace/doubleaxe overheads on enemies in the clusterfuck, then target switching to another after each hit to make loads of hideously wounded enemies for your vanguard/maa mates to 1 shot (with a quicker weapon) - rather than dicking around trying to hit a half dead archer that is looking at you and parrying. You get plenty kills too, even with this team centred approach!

    Lot of people say about the maul being the best knight weapon of that style since the (shit) patch, but I’m finding double axe and grandmace to be super effective too - the extra speed isnt to be sniffed at IMO, and the heavy hits get you heaps of kills and assists if you’re accurate with overheads and clever about your approach.

  • @Triumphant:


    I’d have to agree with most of what Triumphant here said. He made some really good points. I’d like to add that as a Knight player. I find it both rewarding for the team and personally satisfying to shield charge (running with my shield raised) at an enemy archer line or group. They freak the hell out and switch targets to me. I don’t necessarily attack them, but if I soak up 3-5 arrows/crossbow bolts in a volley, any vanguard or maa that was running up behind me now has a free ticket to murder town.

  • One Knight needs to be at the forefront at all times, but the one leading the charge should be playing more defensively. That isn’t to say he never attacks, but he should not be chasing. He should be going for counter-attacks and target-switches. This allows whoever is nearby, be it a Knight, Vanguard, or MAA, to be the one to pressure.

    This applies to everyone really, but since you want your Knights in the front, this applies mostly to them. This is why Vanguard with spear and Knight with anything is so potent and popular in the EU, but simply playing well on your own and wreaking some havoc solo (when you’re the first one in) is valuable as well, so long as you can survive more than 5 seconds.

    I just think that’s the lead Knight’s role, lead in this case applying to the first guy in any battle. If you’re a Knight with a teammate nearby, play like that. If you’re alone, why are you alone?! You better be in a 1v1 you think you can finish quickly or drawing their forces away tactically, otherwise you probably made a mistake by rushing too far.

  • Knights with shields (especially tower shields) should be first in the line to fight and block enemies - if you block them, or shield-bash them it makes job easier for second guy to hit the enemy. I played alongside other knight and the two of us not only took out twice the number of enemies we were facing, but also blocked one set of staircases for quite a long time. Shieldwall can be quite potent.

    Knight should be the focus of the enemy team, giving other players on his own time space to do their job. You can’t expect a vanguard to survive longer than a knight with tower shield, which is good when you have to defend the valves in Dark Forest map.

    Other than that Knights have good amount of hp and get good two-handed weapons which can help in group combat. They should take the beating (it’s usually better to take a friendly hit than one coming from the enemy) when they can or stale to help reinforcements to arrive if they are badly mauled already.

  • (1) As a team captain which order would you give to your Knights?
    Stay behind the cannon fodder; knights should be the last to engage in combat offensively. knights are a supporting defensive unit; they’re attacks are geared towards close range fighting unlike the vanguard, which is offensive, and the MAA, which is a skirmishing class.

    (2) As a Knight what situations would you be in most of the time?
    Aiding a non-knight teammate in a fight, or engaging an enemy knight.

    (3) As a Non-Knight what do you expect/like your Knights to do?
    i like a knight to back me up. i know that once i wear the enemy down, a good maul to the head will bring them down quick.

    (4) What are tasks that only Knights can fullfill?
    Tanking. almost impervious to archer fire, they can defend and hold areas better than anything else; perfect for king of the hill. also, adaptability. most knight weapons have alternative modes, like the longsword, that allow for sword and board (defense), or a lightning fast dueling sword (2h offense). in addition to being the only class that can carry a maul, a tower shield, and a sword at the same time, they are perfect for supporting the entire team.

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