I don't seem to be able to make ducking effective anymore

  • I’ve been duelling a few obviously experienced people tonight and some of them seem to have the knack of making ducking way more effective than I thought it could be.

    People seemed to be able to duck all 3 attack types regardless of weapon being used but when I try that I get hit easily, hell even ducking a horizontal swing seems to work less than it used to. I have no idea how people are able to duck so fast either- like the exact 5 frames of animation where the weapon would have hit they manage to teleport to the floor and back up again to miss them.

    But damn those guys are so fast and their movements/drags go all over the place… no idea how you even keep track of your opponent and land hits with your eyes off them so often. :?

    Feel like I need to revisit ducking, so if anyone has any advanced tricks they wouldn’t mind sharing that would be appreciated. ;)

  • One of the downsides of using a fast weapon like Claymore or one handed weapons. There isn’t that much room to drag with them and you don’t always expect someone to duck so when you try to drag your attack down into them it’s too late and you are already in the recovery state.

    I’ve once patted someone’s head with a Dane Axe overhead. They ducked and I saw it coming so I looked down like you normally do with overheads but not too much to avoid the ground bounce and I watched my Dane Axe just sort of pat the guys head and he stood back up and smashed me, my Dane Axe didn’t even touch him lol. So I dunno, some times it can just feel like ducking can either work really well in you’re favour or it can end really badly.

    Try using a slightly slower weapon maybe? So if you’re using Broadsword, give the Morning Star a go, still respectively fast, don’t slash with it and you should see better results. That’s my take on ducking anyway, use weapons that rely on dragging more. And if you’re ducking yourself, really just tap crouch while aiming slightly down and you’ll more than likely avoid the attack. High sensitivity with the mouse works well.

    Most people I play against naturally aim downwards slightly I’ve found so ducking is only reserved as a trick up the sleeve for when people get cocky and go for headshots on me.

  • You probably already know this but look at the ground when you duck so that you are the lowest you can be. Watch where your opponent is swinging, and how much they are looking down on average (is their body always tilted down? if so you’re probably going to get hit if you duck). Now, if you are Neo Moose you could try this….

  • Ducking is easy. And when people do it to me hey do it far too early so I just look down. Works 80% of the time with two handed horizontal swings.

    Seems to be harder against one handers.

    Ducking doesn’t work against slow stabs.

    Own heads are diagonal. So you have to get your position right if you want to duck one of them. Even then it doesn’t work too well. Though it can be done.

    I’m working on doing the matrix now. That’s pretty cool to pull off. Doesn’t work as much. But you can bamboozle some people and they don’t react to what you did next.

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