Community Effort: Resolving Chivalry Dedi Server Issues

  • Right,

    Quite frankly I’m about fed up with small little issues causing servers not to run and servers not to show up, I know lots of people will feel the same way about this, it’s quite frankly poor.

    However I don’t want to point fingers, I simply want a positive outcome for myself and other having similar issues. Therefore as a community (of LAN players and server ops) can we all work together to try and understand these issues and get them resolved. Hopefully this will assist Torn Banner in adding further information to the setup PDF while we await an easier way of doing this or someone comes up with a wizard.

    My Steps:

    I have followed various steps from:
    1. Youtube guides
    2. Chivalry offical forums (here)
    3. Installing via Steam Dedicated Server Facility both running default and config of .ini files
    4. Installing via SteamCMD both running default and config of .ini files

    The issue:
    From the various ways I have tried to install and run servers, every time I have been left with a blank console. After reading up it seems this is a normal behaviour. Cool.

    Now when I got into the game and try and find my server (filters all cleared) I cannot find my server, I add the IP and IP:PORT to steam and cannot load the details, I go in game and type open iP:PORT and get a “steam sockets URL” error.

    I have tried various configs, changing ports, port checking for 7777, 7778 and the listening port, I have also scanned my network and seen UDK.exe listening on 7777 yet no activity.

    I have repeated the same steps on another box, inside the US just for sanity sakes, same deal. I have even tried changing the ports and open those up too.

    Windows firewall on and off and yada yada you get my drift….

    So, from the community of ops who already run their server, what can I check/do to get this working and showing up, what have you experienced in the past that we might be missing or need to know? I have heard stories of servers taking 3 days to show up.

    The objective is to piece all the bits of info in one thread and I can go about making a more detailed step by step guide on how to do this, including points on why it’s done and what to do if you mess up (whereas other guides just say don’t do it, yet don’t explain why not or what to do if you that.)

    For the record my setup:

    Running on Windows 2008 R2 - Xeon CPU with 32GB RAM (hosts 5 valve servers and a MC server all fine)

    My .exe startup target:

    C:\XXXXX\Services\Steam\SteamApps\common\chivalry_ded_server\Binaries\Win32\UDK.exe AOCFFA-Arena3_P?steamsockets -seekfreeloadingserver -port=7777

    PCServer-UDKGame.ini (43 KB)!GQkSlIrD!IsXgil6C9ohvWt4Di7WsARRTqBdj6RQVTYLVu41eP_M
    PCServer-UDKEngine.ini (32 KB)!3IUClaiB!BT5ia3pxbCwc5y1PxCN2Yz_ZLXVumrOqRgGfMNZyX94

    Feel free to post up your details for those having issues, let’s tackle this issue and support the community. Sick of this half-arse guides that cover the minimum. Do it once, do it right.

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  • Im as frustrated as you. I have trying to get my server working for days and there is no guide I have followed which has worked… There really need to be some work done on dedicated servers yes

  • G:\STEAM\steamapps\common\chivalry_ded_server\Binaries\Win32\UDKLogging.exe AOCFFA-Arena3_P?steamsockets -dedicated=true -seekfreeloadingserver -port=27025 -maxplayers=20

    I use the above. I had heard to change your port from 27015 to 27025. You will also need to change this value in one of the files too…(PCServer-UDKEngine) QueryPort-27015 to QueryPort-27025. Also you will then need to update your port forwarding to reflect the change.

    Good luck. I’m getting intermittent crashes for no reason. It appears that the devs are focusing their attention elsewhere at the moment as I don’t see may answers around these part nowadays. :?

  • Developer

    You can also put the QueryPort on the command line. Either way, you need that and the “Port” opened in order to allow connections, and to have the server show on the Steam master server.

  • Ports are open,

    But I will try those other ports recommended and see what happens.

    Seems silly to spend time deving a server and have no support for hosting said game…


  • So does anyone have a working duel server that isn’t running off the steam dedicated tool via steam.

    e.g you have the steamcmd files.

    If someone has this (Infact any mode) can you zip the sucker up (removing any rcon/server name settings) and share it up so others can host.

    If you want to keep it private, lets talk via PM so I can analyse the settings and work through setting this up again. I want to make a install video so people can get help.

  • Hi Rex ,

    I would start from the begging

    SteamCMD Windows

    1. Create a folder called steamCMD
    2. download steamcmd from here and place it into that folder. this is for windows unzip it info that folder
    3. double click on it and let it update if needed (steamcmd.exe )

    downloading server files

    1. Creat a bat file first create a TXT document in the steamCMD folder
      Edit the document and add the following in it. replace user name and password including the brackets. ie steamcmd +login MYSTEAMNAME MYSTEAMPASSWORD
      Now set the path where you want the server files to install to i.e c:\CHAGEMEDIRECTORY
      steamcmd +login <username><password>+force_install_dir c:\CHAGEMEDIRECTORY\ +app_update 220070 validate +quit</password></username>

    2. now rename the file from .TXT to steamcmd.bat , some people might need to unhide “hide known windows file extensions” under folder options inside your control panel. If you are having problems renaming file extensions just Google it

    3. Run the steamcmd.bat

    Staring Game server
    In the root directory where you installed the game files go to that location i.e

    We need to create a startserver.bat file . So create a new TXT document and add this line in there
    Please note play around with your IP in most home system people are running routers so they will need to use the local IP of your computer not the external IP since it really cannot bind to it .

    Binaries\Win32\UDK.exe AOCTO-Stoneshill_P?steamsockets -seekfreeloadingserver -Port=7777 -QueryPort=27015 -maxplayers=64 multihome= (You can set this to your local IP)

    1. Make sure you added the EXE UDK.exe.exe to your local firewall

    2. Make sure port forwarding has been done on your router you will need to forward ports from your router to the machines IP that you are running the game server from.

    This is a WIP … Good Luck hope it helps

  • Thanks,

    I will give this another go following your instructions and see what happens.

    I’m quite keen in writing up a simple GUI to to the entire process from download/install to server config and running.

  • Ok tried it again from scratch.

    Did exactly as the instructions said (without modifying anything in the .ini files) and it runs but I can’t find it in Chiv server or by joining via console in-game.

    I can confirm that 7777 7778 and the steam server listening port are all open for everything.

    So dunno where to from here, I think the server part is fine, it’s getting it onto server list or similar.

  • Well I want to say that the first mistake your making is using UDK.exe…. I don’t even know why they offer that file :-P

    Change your server so it runs off of UDKLogging.exe and all of a sudden you will see magic happen inside your black window console that might help you find any issues you having ;)

    Good Luck

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