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    I’m rookie in Chivalry (11 level). I am playing MAA (mostly) and Knight sometimes. I have one big problem - I’m loosing 99% of fights/duels against Vanguards. I know that it is all about skill, but when i fight against MAA’s or Knights, I win something about 50% of fights.

    Is there any “magical” ( :D ) tactics to fight better against VG’s? It is really annoying to loose almost every duel against them :)

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  • Learn the ranges of the typical vanguard weapons, it’s all about letting them miss and then going in for punishes. With MAA I would suggest you circle-dodge once you get in close (hold either A/D, dodge, and use the mouse to curve your dodge around the enemy.) If you think you’re losing too much stamina, run, if you get stunned/run out of stamina you WILL die. You can either feint or mouse drag to bypass parries, both work. If the vanguard parries any of your attacks you’ll be put back on the defensive, NOT the place you want to be against a vanguard. As a knight you will usually be able to tank vanguards, so just get in close and overwhelm them, be sure you have a heavy-hitting weapon like the messer, grandmace, maul, anything that will drain their stamina quickly.

    ^Not necessarily fact, just my two cents.

  • yeah that advice is good. you will lose a swing/parry fight with a vanguard. use your mobility to your advantage and try and overwhelm him and his not as fast turn speed. lots of stabs to interrupt potential kill swings too. and dont be afraid to back off!

  • I always play the vanguard, and the funny thing is that I usually win against other vanguards and knights. My only weak point is MAA, everything goes too fast when they are up close. Only thing that works is the dodge+quick stab combo and kind of turning around them and slashing in the back. So yea that story kind of confirms what Del said :D

  • MAA with a kite shield is my hardest match up. Im ranked 43 and believe me you learn to use that shield effectively you will be a beast.

  • Try knight with kite shield and Norse sword; the shield will allow you to close in and the sword is too fast for vanguard most loadouts. I use this set up against all classes except other knights and it works well for me, the only caveat is that shields are generally a bit crap at the moment.

    Still, things can only get better for shield users…can’t they…won’t they…surely they will at some point soon… please don’t tell me they are getting another nerf.

  • Best thing you can do to learn to beat Vanguards is play one yourself.

  • Just f10, vanguards are known for their superior muscles.

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