Training mode options

  • It would be nice if when I clicked on training mode it came up with beginner’s training(the current mode) and an option for weapons training. Like I could pick a class and be spawned in a training camp with 1 or 2 of each class standing there. They would respawn when I kill them and I could freely change between weapons and classes. I would spawn with 50 throwing axes or daggers with an ammo box near also. I really would like this mode mostly to train with throwing axes as I am kinda bad with them still. I land some good shots but I only hit with 2 out of 10 of them. I would like to bring that number up. This mode would also be good to test out my weapons against a knight or other classes. So I could see where I hit my opponent and how it matters. Would be a HUGE bonus if it showed either my dmg per swing in a box or in console and the life total of the model I hit. Maybe even an option to make this models hostile or have them block with a shield I choose. Being able to equip them how I want would be a HUGE plus.

    Just a suggestion so we can increase of knowledge of the game and make training mode really feel like I am training.

  • This is how Medieval training was actually done. The part of interest that most reflects your request is the “friendly” tournament with non-lethal weapons, which would be an extension of the actual Training Mode in place. This could be either bots or pvp, but logically if you scored a hit, you would both “stand off” before continuing. It wouldn’t be a mock duel.

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