Best way to making Chivalry/unreal engine machinima?

  • Hello duders,

    I was wondering what the best and most efficient way is to making Chivalry machinima. I’ve been fooling around with the SDK/UDK all day I’m not sure about it. What would you guys recommend for making good Chivalry machinima? How were the launch and free weekend trailers made by TB for instance?

    I just want good camera control over the game and have more options then just spectating and free-camming everything. Because that just doesn’t work quite well with what I want. The UDK goes into like, animations, triggers, scripting, lighting manipulation, building sets, etc. Which for me is just a bit too much, I don’t care about any of that stuff. And then there are also the licensing fees if you ever actually make a bit of money off your UDK developed machinima videos…. Now I’m not sure what to do, maybe I should just go with the Red vs Blue route, it looks kinda crappy and limits me quite a lot with what I can do (I have some really cool/funny ideas) though.


    EDIT: Never mind, I’ve decided to not use the SDK for now.

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