Several archer bugs

  • with crossbow, aside from the reload animation when being hit, sometimes there’s no bolt in my crossbow, and yet i cannot reload and it’s actually invisibly loaded. i believe the reverse also sometimes happens, but i’m not sure. the animations get confused about if i have or don’t have a bolt loaded, aar.

    sometimes, i can neither raise nor reload my crossbow, making it useless.

    sometimes my aiming reticle dot thingy just disappears. fixed by pressing “u”, lol.

    sometimes when i’m out of Javelins, i still have a Javelin in my hands, and i can’t throw it but can melee with it.

    sometimes when throwing twice quickly, my Javelin stays raised but not firing, even though i released the mouse button. other times the animation looks strange, with the Javelin being slung instead of thrown or something.

    sometimes when i was hit while or before (not sure) trying to ready a Javelin, i then ready a Javelin, keep mouse button pressed, but it fires even though i did not release.

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