Hangs at Connecting

  • I have this problem where about 90% of the time when I connect to a server, regardless of its ping, it just hangs indefinitely at the “Please wait while game loads…” screen until I hit cancel. It’s very difficult to actually get into a game most of the time. Is there anything I can do about this…?

  • I have been having this problem as well ever since I reinstalled the game

  • last few days same thing for me

  • Same for me since last patch. Verify integrity of game cache helped a bit, but the problem seems to have returned now.

  • hi,
    a few days ago i started to get the same “Please wait while game loads…” screen until I hit cancel. restarting the game, steam or network card didn’t work, only restarting the computer seems to work.
    anyone has a clue what might cause it?

  • Have you guys gone through EVERY thing in this list?
    Even if you’ve already done it, just go in order ( to what applies to you ) and see if it helps. And then let us know whether or not it worked.


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