Cavalry, Siege Towers, Ships, Formations, esports

  • Hi!
    big fan of Chivalry, its a ton of fun! here are my feature ideas:

    - Cavalry

    Add mounts to fight horseback. Doesnt necessarily have to be a class for itself, but could be found on certain maps in limited numbers. (e.g. in stables)

    • more fun and diversity (every class is combinable with mounts, mounted archers, mounted spearmen, mounted knights etc. pp.)
    • balances out the flood of archers in a natural way
    • new anti cavalry tactics (pike square)
    • a lot of effort to implement
    • needs balancing to not be overpowered (limit supply, falling down hurts, standing up takes long)

    - Siege Towers

    • awesome and fun to push forward and to get over walls
    • maybe add multiple solutions to map objectives so you can choose between ram, catapult, siege towers or all at once to reach your goal
    • a lot of effort to implement

    - Ships

    Maps with ships and people have to row to move forward and a captain to steer. With catapults, ramming, tarzan ropes etc.

    - Formations

    encourage more team play and formations.
    Im not quite sure how though.

    On some servers i see people develop some simple tactics to work together. Like gathering and then overrunning the opponent with full force.
    Maybe vote someone for general, he gets a banner (or just provide banners at spawn) and he can plant it somewhere to signal people to gather around him and to follow the banner when he charges.
    Makes coordination easier.

    or to signal people to form a shield wall or a pike square. maybe have squads + squad chat so you can communicate easier.

    Because its so much more effective to fight as a unit than to fight alone. Its kinda hard to execute at the moment but i see a lot of potential.

    - esports

    im a big fan of esports, i like to play Starcraft 2 and watch streams and tournaments quite regularly. For multiplayer games its super good to maintain a dedicated fanbase over years. And i see so much potential in chivalry. It would be so much fun to play it 5vs5 with people on teamspeak or to just have something like a ingame ladder for duels.
    You would probably need a good observer mode so matches can be broadcasted on twitch. It would be so much fun to watch, i mean it creates so much excitement^^

    You see people like blizzard, riot, valve or wargames investing heavily for sc2, LoL, dota2 and World of Tanks to be an esports. Its just a very strong trend and youre game would be so good for it.
    Most of these companies even support big tournaments so people can watch it. I just think it would be a wonderful idea.

    - movement bugs

    ah i almost forgot… it happens really often that you kinda get stuck on a rock or some corners of the terrain. most of the times thats a mortal sin…

  • Definitely agree with siege towers. I remember Stoneshill from Age of Chivalry being my FAVORITE map just because men could ride in it as it moved forward, and it was so epic.
    Cavalry is somewhat….ehhh. Most maps are cluttered with scenery, and I would think that it would be somewhat useless for it to implemented, unless there are large scale maps. But then everyone would want a horse because of how large scale it is.
    Ships sound pretty cool too, maybe a TO map featuring ships to start or something. I like that idea, I can see players boarding other ships and taking them over, but archers would be a huge pain on a boat because of the captain steering away from other ships as archers load everyone with arrows.
    Formations are going to be useless. Pub players play for themselves the majority of the time, not for the team. It’s a cool idea, though, but unlikely to happen.
    I’m not going to say anything on ‘esports’ since I don’t know what those are.

  • I totally support Formations. There should be servers where formations are played / trained.

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