Who remembers CAL O, I, and P

  • Sooooo I don’t compete or really know double u tee EF goes on in your “league”. Other than lack of perspective switching. So why isn’t other cal style ladders like

    Chiv O = Both 3rd and 1st person, doesn’t matter if you’re good or not just play. (Like matchmaking for people that aren’t flexing nuts in their 1st person world all day.)

    Chiv 1 = Everything going on now.

    Chiv 2 = If you set this up for a tourney at a LAN center or for cash. 3rd and 1st so everyone can participate, obviously there are strengths and weaknesses to both and they’d show. Good 1st person beat 3rd most the time

    I just feel like I don’t wanna be part of the organized play scene because it seems like quite an exclusive club. Im sure if more casual players read the forums they'd agree to a certain extent. But yknow I’m just a 3rd person maul fag that uses broadsword 1st person and fisticuffs when it comes to it. So dub ya tee eff do I know about playing with the “elite” of this community.

    Gotta be more likehttp://m.youtube.com/watch?v=T7hHx7gdN68 dancing if you want to.

    Wanna type more but I’m on a tablet. edit for safety dancing.

  • Are you drunk or something?

  • what

  • Good thing there’s no breathalyzer for the forum.

    Mason knight taunt
    Mason knight taunt
    Mason knight sorry
    Mason knight laugh
    Mason knight kill the archers, kill the archers, kill the archers.

    Agatha knight laugh
    Overhand maul head smooshed
    Kill those archers lol

    Make haiku’s responsibly.

  • @Chorpyc:

    Good thing there’s no breathalyzer for the forum.

    I would have been banned long ago.

  • You belong to 1968 marty

  • I am pointless

  • @kywild:

    D: this thread really is pointless isn’t it?

    Yep, nothing to see here

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