Weapon Selection Screen Won't Go Away

  • Last few times I’ve tried to play the weapon selection screen won’t close. The game carries on like normal, I can still play but the weapon select is there obstructing my vision. Dying doesn’t make it go away.

  • yup, i’ve had that bug. once it was when i mispressed and selected Knight by accident, so i went back and chose Archer. then, i spawned as Knight with the screen for selecting my weapons for Archer stuck. but normally i think i don’t even spawn when this happens.

  • It happened with my friend today but dont happens with me. However I still have several browser bugs

  • Try to open the console, i dunno whats the key to open it in your keyboard tho.

  • you open the console with the grave ` key, left of 1 key. i can’t believe you never accidentally pressed it trying to switch weapons. don’t see how that fixes it though.

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