• Please change the in game font for steam friends. The green ones. Make it smaller and less annoying looking. When you have like 10 friends in the same server… you can’t even see at a distance through all the damn green text, but you still want to know where they are. The current font size/color etc is just so obnoxious.

    Also, maybe put them a bit higher over the characters head, i’ve played archer sometimes and you can’t even see the head behind it.

    I know you can turn it off but i want the friends hud on, just to be less distracting and ugly looking.

  • Be happy you have friends who play Chivalry with you. :(

  • @DokB:

    Be happy you have friends who play Chivalry with you. :(

    That feel, that feel, God almighty, I know that feel.

  • well i had friends on steam prior, but none that played chivalry. I met most of the folks that play chivalry by… playing chivalry lol and adding people i thought were pretty good and i worked well with. Then we started using mumble, teamspeak… the community grew… met more people and now i have like 100 or so friends just from chivalry on steam. It’s a process, i started playing the game in December when they had the winter sale and never looked back…

    but yeah i don’t know how complicated it would be, not high priority but i would eventually like that god awful font and color to go. I think they could take an example form battlefield or other games. Small, clear font that’s not distracting and doesn’t block characters and their heads and such, but can still see them from across the map if need be. Could be a lot cleaner looking and less in the way.

    I noticed if you are farther away or above your friend, the text blocks their head and some of shoulders, if you get close though, it raises the text up and out of the way. I could imagine being an archer trying to save your buddy, and then you can’t see the other guys head through that font.

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