Suicides need to be fixed, please read this.

  • Bry789123 as many of you know him for his bad rep as tker has now a new to make the game unenjoyable. Every single time I come close to killing him or anyone else does. He hits f10 and kills himself to deny you the kill. He does this every single time. If you added a 10 second delay on this feature it would fix the ability to abuse this to deny. It pisses me off because when I’m trying to get top score to get king…it just denies me points when I should get them. It also just is angering when he does finally kill me and I can never exact vengeance.

    That loser always finds new ways to make the game unenjoyable, at the very least he’s showing us what needs to be fixed.

  • Suicide or environment death should award a kill to the last person who damaged you. Would also fix not getting credit for kicking people off cliffs and such.

  • I don’t want it to be a witch-hunt but Christ, the community really doesn’t need users like Bry789123 - he trash talks constantly, as reported he denies kills and he team-kills. Very negative guy. From what I understand he was gifted the game (?) which is why he doesn’t really care, I presume (although he leaves servers ASAP when people call him on it).

    I definitely support the OPs point in regards to game suicide, oh, and SlyGoat’s with kicking people off of cliffs. Hey, I even kicked Tibberius off and should get something for it ;).

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