Autodownloading is ON ? It seems to !

  • First of all, i tried to install custom maps on my server and CookedSDK repository never worked. But , it works in the AOC/Levels repository.

    Now, the question is : how the hell, can people join me on maps they do not have ? Is autodownloading on ?

    I invite you to test that out right now on the beta :

  • I know people can join (code) modded servers without having the mod client side, but it takes forever to join.

  • Developer

    It appears to be on. We don’t have any UI for it, and I’m not sure how to set up HTTP autodownloading for faster speeds (IIRC that code still exists in UE3; it may work, or it may require something from our side to set it back up). We’ll look into that.

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  • It is on. Not particularly quick though, but I don’t think a dedicated server has been set up yet, so that’s a factor too.

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