Blocking in Chivalry: Medieval Warfare.

  • Hello. Forgive me if my english isnt perfect, I will try to be understandable. I played beta already for some time and there are some things that I dont understand. Especially parrying mechanics. Why it says in tutorial that you need to look right at the tip of enemys weapon, but it seems that you dont really have to. If you have some distance between you and the oponent the block will work well without moving it, you just need to face youre oponent. Also it was said many times in videos that fights are fast paced and require reflexes, but lets say there are 2 vanguards fighting 1v1 situation with greatswords. Do you really need reflexes in such situation? Are there any ways I can hit my oponent without using feint or playing with distance?

    So I find myself always in situation that I am facing my opponent, we are both using slow long weapons and I dont know how to get him without using a feint. It was said that you can open youre opponents with kick but it doesnt really helps me in breaking opponents defence.

    I will not say “you need directional combat you need breakable shields and you need to turn this game in to M&B”. I like when developers bring something new and interesting, but I dont quite understand this combat mechanics. Would be nice to see some thoughts from developers or old alpha players regarding parrys breaking defence etc. Thanks for reading :) .

  • Obviously if you have big slow weapons, your reflexes aren’t needed as much, but they are harder to get past. And about the tip of the weapon thing, it was a guide line. What it ment was block the weapon, and no if you just block straight attacks will get around and over you.

  • As above, it’s essentially a guideline. In other words, if a slash is coming at you from your left to right, look slightly to the left to be sure to block it, and if it’s coming from right to left, look slightly to the right. Similarly with the overheads, you’ll have a better time blocking if you look left or right, and slightly up depending on the direction its coming from. Stabs are less of an issue - unless the attacker is trying to get around your sides, then you need to watch where exactly they’re trying to land that stab and react accordingly.

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