Game Crashes Computer

  • I’ve tried to figure this out on my own, but to no avail. Now I turn to some technological genius to possibly figure this one out for me. Anyways here is whats going on. Whenever I play Chivalry as of late my game decides its time to crash after about 30 mins or so. I will then upon reboot get an error message saying that my Overclocking settings/Voltage settings on my computer have changed and are causing boot problems. This is only happening while I am playing Chivalry.

    This did actually start happening around the time I recently installed EVGA’s newest driver and Though I did not think of that till just now that may have something to do with it…. Anywhooooo heres my DXDiag and my Launch.log incase anyone will be able to halp me out with this shizz…

    -Thanks, Cabby

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