Huge problem that needs to be fixed asap

  • ALRIGHT i have a huge problem that needs to be addressed and fixed like asap.To me this is huge because i pay and provide a 42 man server for the community to play in. its usualy fills and is full everyday. ok Now it could have even been a hacker because how this is possible is beyond me .Well there was this player with NO NAME what so ever ,its just blank . Now because he had No name he could not be kicked or banned.i tried kicking him and banning using the console as well but when i would type in adminplayerlist he would come up as 629. ping(62mm) . everyone has a ping after there name its just your ping. but his # in the server was 629. is there a way to kick or ban this guy with no name using that. because i did try it but it wouldnt work for me. maybe i was typing it wrong. but how do i take care of someone that dosent have a name and is just team killing everyone for fun. what do i do when i hit tab press B click on this blank nameless slot and click kick / Ban and nothing happens. Man im not going to lie, i was pissed about this. im basicly the guy who pays the money every month to to now watch this guy come into my server with no name and start teamkillin everyone lol and i cant do shit about it. that sucks. if anyone has real answers please , i need help with this

  • just do adminkickban with 2 spaces after the command, will bring up a list of players, find the number next to the blank name and confirm the number

  • thanks man, i will definetly try this

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