Weapons mechanic - my questions

  • 1. Is it possible to parry the heavy maul/twohanded axe/twohanded sword/any big weapon using the dagger? I didn’t parried any big weapon strike by a dagger yet. Is it possible?

    2. Knight. Longswords. What is the difference between longsword + shield and the longsword without shield? Is the longsword without shield faster/do more damage or something?

  • You can parry anything with a dagger. Against big weapons like the Maul you won’t be able to parry for long because it will leave you with no stamina and a 2 second stun time when you run out.

    1 handed longsword is faster but less damage. 2 handed longsword is more damage but slower.

  • Its possible to block mauls with a dagger. Its just harder to block things with a dagger fullstop. You gotta look at the weapon. Move your mouse so the tip of their weapon is in the middle of your screen.

    A long sword in one hand with or without a shield is faster with its initial attack but has slower combos. Its also shorter and less damaging. You can hold a long sword in one hand without a shield. Push 1 then push 3 to put the shield away. If you don’t have a shield in your loadout just push 1.

    Holding it in two hands its got a slower initial attack ad faster combos with more damage.

  • Thanks.

    And another question: Is it possible to parry ranged attack(bolt, arrow, something to throw etc.) using your weapon(If I don’t have shield in my loadout or have 2handed weapon)?

  • No you cannot parry ranged projectiles and I highly advise you not to do so. :D

  • OK. Thank you all for help.

  • @DokB:

    No you cannot parry ranged projectiles and I highly advise you not to do so. :D

    A lot of people seem to think that, though. :D Usually, when I throw knifes at someone, he’s parrying. It doesn’t help him. But I guess it’s worth a try :D

  • I’ve had a bot parry a throwing axe from me before.

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