Extremely fast fighting mode (samurai swords, katana's etc)

  • Just had a brainwave there, and it got me thinking: What if the mechanics of chivalry could be completely reformed and revamped to introduce a completely new game/mode? Now that we have the SDK, I am assuming that is possible. Most people would be deterred by this mode simply because it would be so fast, although it would be a perfect addition to this game: the base game is slow in a variety of ways and does have it’s more faster paced battles, whereas this new, ninja-esque mode would be well suited to people who want variety.

    The fighting would be unique, and moves would be completely different to everyone. They design them themselves, with a few constraints as to what would be possible with the weapons at their disposal. For example, it would not be possible nor balanced in any way to allow someone with a katana to continually stab at the enemy in different locations each time, such as one to the head, one to the legs, another in the head again which would make it near impossible to block. Instead, by default, players start out with base moves, which are literally the ones we have just now: Swings/slashes, overheads and stabs. They then go into some kind of “move editor/maker” (the Dojo) to create their very own moves which mix two of these three together, in a sort of combo. For example, an overhead much like the alternate overhead that currently exists with 1h weapons that swiftly transforms into a 180-degree swing would be possible to make (and also possible to interrupt/block.) The player would also be moving accordingly to these maneuvers, such as spinning (not rapidly) into the swing attack. I know this part would be difficult to implement simply because of the new player animations, but it’s not impossible (Kinect cameras, for example.) Think of it as the same principle as a macro editor: there are things you can make happen at certain times at the click of a button. A way to allow players to manipulate their “blade-path” would be some hybrid of the tracers that currently exist combined with real-time animation; instead of actual animations being saved, individual tracers are saved for each move the player makes (with a limit of 3 per weapon) and the tip of the blade, as if it were on rails, would follow this path at the speed the weapons specific move-types would move at. For example, overhead-slash hybrids will not be as fast as stab-slash hybrids because the initial move-type has a faster windup (stab.) This constraint simply keeps it balanced and prevents people making crazy and impossible moves. Holding down the alt key while performing any of these custom moves will do it backwards: a custom overhead-slash move would alternatively start out with the slash, and then into the overhead in this case.

    Parrying can also be customized to an extent. The force of the block vs the attack will determine if the block is actually successful. The force of the block is merely determined by how accurate it is placed. Blocking to the left of a swing coming to your right would do damage to the player, but blades will still connect and this is then used to throw yourself into a counter-attack depending on the direction of the attack that failed to block, giving the defender an opportunity to hit their opponent with an unpracticed***** backswing which covers 270 degrees. Basically this just means the blade-path of the backswing is unprecedented depending on where the player is thrown, so it has a chance of failing to hit the opponent by being swung too high or too low. This counter-attack also disables the mouse from being moved up and down to prevent people correcting the unprecedented path (which otherwise would make it counter-productive.) Instead, they are still allowed to control the speed of this backswing which may hinder the attacker in terms of speed. The attacker can still block this backswing, it just depends on how quickly they can react to it. Feinting is also not possible in this mode because of it being so fast.

    I am really itching to go forward with this mod, but I do not know where to start. I would like some criticism with this as well, because I admit that it does seem a little far-fetched. Anyone with ideas on making this as realistic, balanced and as fun as possible please post them on this thread!

    *Means the move is not possible to make/customize by the player, nor can they practice it in the Dojo because it is a force-dependent counter-attack. It cannot be practiced because it is different each time.

    TL;DR: Think of a server, full of samurai sword-fighters, playing with katanas and other chinese swords/weapons at either 120% or 150% game speed, with their own custom moves. Despite what you may think, this is actually possible to play. Try chivalry just now at either of these speeds. The average player will be able to block most of these attacks if they are not feinted (which won’t be possible in this mode.)

  • So claymore vs claymore fights but even faster??

    I’m in!

  • @Event:

    So claymore vs claymore fights but even faster??

    I’m in!

    Well yeah. Unfortunately I can’t tell if you’re taking this seriously or just being sarcastic lol, but then again I didn’t expect many people to take this seriously. The mode will mainly focus on the 1-handed aspect of fast paced fighting; 2-handed katanas will still be around the same speed as the claymore with slightly less windup.

  • I don’t think any of what you’re talking about is possible with the SDK, but I don’t know first-hand.

  • I don’t think the weapons need to be Katana’s and Chinese weapons to be fast, European swords are just as fast. It’s only the game engine that slows them down.

    I think this is more the game you’re looking for:http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/260688528/clang.

  • @Pbrandon1:

    You may enjoy this.

    http://www.indiedb.com/games/bushido-le … he-samurai

    They shifted from UDK to Unity tho :| I think that’s a downgrade from where they were before doing all those cool models and textures now I don’t know how will it turn out :(

  • @Daiyuki:

    I don’t think any of what you’re talking about is possible with the SDK, but I don’t know first-hand.

    It is actually, animations (which have been publicly released) just need to be sped up.

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