Balanced fire arrows idea

  • Copy pasted from the thread on the general discussion.

    You could have the ability to light two or three arrows on fire. Push 3 to jam or wrap some oil soaked fabric around the arrow. Then lights it on fire. And make it so you hae to push 3 when the bow is drawn for the guy to do that.

    Make the arrow speed and impact damage a lot less. Overall It will deal more damage than a normal arrow itself. It could be useful when using a bodkin against an archer or using a broadhead against a knight or vanguard.

    But you can only use 3 of them and your ammo count is reduced by 20%. It would add two more options to the archer thing and they already have the most.

    Peter von something or rather put this idea into my head. I expanded on it and came up with this. It would require a new animation for lighting the arrow.

    Longer reload times, lower final velocity and limited fire arrows would balance out the total damage output of the flaming arrows.

  • Im alright with it. +1

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