Strength of 1000 Men - I am the Warrior!

  • [youtubehd:3o6uiclb]pZo8W6XsgkM[/youtubehd:3o6uiclb]

  • God, you piss me off because of how easily you just run around, stab, overhead, repeat, and continue to kill so many foes…

  • a lot of it has to do with footwork man… and situational awareness.

    this isn’t a competitive video btw… just meant for entertainment purposes only lol

  • EPIC :D Really enjoyed that!

    My favourite moments:

    On hillside at 1.40 when you first climb the stairs with the moon in the background, as you reach the top of the stairs the music kicks up a notch. So good.

    Then at 3.15 on stoneshill, the man at arms that just gets converged by like 5 Agathians that all rush out of nowhere had me laughing.

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