Votekick list - 64 players

  • I’ve noticed a problem using the votekick command on 64 player servers.

    I can only see player 17-64 in the list, if I try to scroll up with the mouse to get 1-16 I just get back to the last command I typed in “votekick” the rest of the list (1-16) is invisible

    has anyone else noticed this? or am I missing something?

  • Don’t use the command.

    Do it via the scoreboard and just scroll through that.

  • They were spectating, spamming frivolous votekicks, so they wouldn’t show up on the scoreboard

  • So it just so happened that they all were the first 16?

    And wait a second. Just realised something.

    If you type the votekick command followed by a partial name THEN it will only show a list of people with that combination of names. When they initiate a votekick it says who it is.

    So when you use that command type the first letter of their name the. Push enter. Then they will show up.

    Outta 64 players nobody knew how to do that.

  • Thanks! that helps!

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