Are we ever going to just get an executable to run a server?

  • I’ve been trying for the last hour to get a server up and running. Nothing large, just a 10 man FFA server. I downloaded the necessary tools and followed the instructions here on the forum. Did google searches whenever I was confused. However this all seems like a ridiculous amount of tedious work to just get a server up and running on our own connection.

    What are the chances someone makes just a simple application we can use to do this stuff for us?
    Tick boxes or simply selecting maps, just a little menu which we could navigate and get this up and running. Not having to worry about if file paths are correct or if you’re 1 digit off or something.

    To set up a server is beyond confusing and difficult. I feel like not only would we have more of a choice in what sort of game we play but more people would play to begin with if this was indeed a real thing.

  • In my mind, it is fairly simple.
    Put everything in a folder on a drive, say D:\Chiv\

    Make a shortcut with the correct commandline parameters to the UDK.exe (or UDKLogging.exe)
    Adjust the PCServer-UDKGame.ini to fit your adminpassword,servername and maplist.
    Adjust the PCServer-UDKEngine.ini to set the right ports, the things to search for are;

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