Become a [friend]


    wake up
    go to work
    come home
    do p90x
    take a shower
    play chivalry
    go to sleep

    as you can see chivalry is a big part of our life here at richard parker and friends. but another big part of our life is friendship. when you put those two things together, what do you get?

    a PGCCT.

    what is a PGCCT?
    -potentially good competitive chivalry team

    richard parker and friends is currently looking to find 3 more north american friends to become the best at chivalry with. the recruitment process is something that happens over an unspecified amount of time. we will play with you, against you, talk to you on skype, and maybe add each other on facebook and make a group chat. <3

    your private application can be emailed to with your:
    first name, age, occupation, time zone, reason why you love chivalry, reason why you hate chivalry, hours played, regular playing hours

    faq cont.
    why richard parker and friends?
    -we are think outside the box kind of people. we have a lot of passion. we, well really, we love chivalry. and we hate chivalry. and we’re getting better at it every day. come get better with us!

    thank you for your attention

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