Here's a nutty idea (new-old MAA weapons)

  • Why not just fill up the Quarterstaff row of weapons with the Fork and the Sword of War?
    Giving the MAA some more reachy weapons that aren’t just objectively better than the current primaries could go a long way in expanding the class’s usefulness.
    Oh, and perhaps he shouldn’t be able to use SoW+shield.

  • I’d rather keep all primary weapons specific for each class. A man at arms has nothing to do with a SoW. Besides it deals too much damage in its current state to be fit for light classes.
    The fork is a better idea, but the reach would really give men at arms a too significant advantage combined with their agility.

  • The SoW as it is now might work, but I suspect they’ll roll back some of the nerfs from the last patch, which would then make it very much OP in the hands of a MaA.

    MaA is balanced on having fast-but-bad weapons…. which is why most Knights and all Vanguards main two-handers despite having access to MaA weapons.

    I’d love to see something like the fork for MaA… I’ve always wanted a short-spear weapon for MaA - something with moderate damage and slow speed, but good reach.

    Its 50/60 pierce damage attacks fit well with other MaA weapons, and the reach isn’t too much higher than what the Broadsword offers.
    It’s slower speed and inability to combo would be good balancing factors against the MaA’s other weapons.

    That being said, you might need to nerf the fork slightly for MaA to keep it balanced, so it’d be better to just make a whole new weapon out of it (i.e. “Short Spear”).

    When thinking about giving two-handers to MaA we have to remember - before stats are even considered, two-handers are distinctly better than one-handers. I.e. just being two-handed in itself confers a number of advantages.


    • Cost less stamina to parry with

    • Cost more stamina to parry against

    • Cost less stamina to feint with

    • Have lower feint cooldown

    • Flinch opponents for longer… and

    • Have more knockback.

    The only advantage one-handers as a weapon type have is the ability to use a shield.

    Having only one-handers is one of the downsides to MaA that acts as a balancing factor.
    The reason the MaA got the Quarterstaff is because it’s the least potent two-hander. It’s inferior to other MaA choices, except that being two-handed in itself carries advantages, which is why it is useful despite lacking speed, lacking range and severely lacking damage.

    What I really want to see next is maybe a Long Staff - same moveset as the Quarterstaff, but with much more reach.
    The weapon itself would be maybe 40% longer end-to-end, similar to a Vanguard polearm, but with very poor damage due to a lack of a weapon head.
    Relative to the Quarterstaff, maybe 5 less stab damage and 5 more overhead damage, but be 25% or so slower on all attacks (especially slower on combos).

    'Course the Long Staff would be a support weapon - useful for getting opportunistic small hits in, but not very lethal on its own due to low damage and lack of speed.

  • How 'bout instead of giving MaA SoWs and Forks we can make new weapons like a war scythe and a rapier.

  • I like those ideas.

    Maybe an Estoc too - basically a bastard-sword Rapier with a blunt blade tapered to an armour-piercing point.

  • I was thinking they could make up a couple of weapons.

    A staff with two blades in the end. Being longer, slightly slower and deal pierce damage.

    Then another staff with mace heads on the end. Being a tad shorter a quite a bit slower.

    They made up the grandmace. Doesn’t stop them from making up a couple of staffs.

    I’d imagine soldier would modify their weapons.

  • SoW and Fork for MAA? Are you kidding me? That would be absurdly OP.

  • MAA with fork? And SoW?

    This… this is just the beginning.

    First, they came for the vanguards, and I did not speak out, because I was not a vanguard. Then they came for the knights, and I did not speak out, because I did not main a knight. Then they came for the archers, and Everything that wasn’t MAA was dead.

  • i think you should give man at arms a really huge triplestaff that has 3 little mauls on the end so with each hit, the little mauls would sping and knock on the head making it explode with fireworks.

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