Chinese Language (Writing) Support

  • Hey devs, just a simple request here: please add support for Chinese (Simplified/Traditional) support in the game so that player names display properly. I’m not talking about localization (translation), but rather just straight up being able to display other languages properly.

    Ideally it would also let people chat in Chinese as well.

    Seeing as Russian is already supported (Cyrillic alphabet), I wonder if this would be as easy as ticking off an extra box somewhere in the UDK for language support…?

    As it is now, on Asian servers at least, sometimes half the team’s names are just squares: ???

    Which makes it impossible to identify people.


    After this most recent sale, seems like some more people from the East are getting in on Chivalry’s action. I’m sure they’d appreciate being able to use their own writing in-game.

  • I suppose they could use Pinyin.

    My gf name is Fang but it is a pretty name in Chinese.

  • And the dev response is…?

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