Auto votekick or kick on team damage percentage & reflect da

  • I have indeed searched and this kind of has been mentioned before, but I would like to bump it and hope the devs see more people want this option. A request, more than a suggestion…

    Just exactly like the optional class limiters and ping limiter, (which currently doesn’t work……) The idea is basically the same, a limit is set, once reached it is blocked or in the same case as the ping, the player is kicked from the server, as so:

    TeamKillkickOnPercentage=true (default off)

    The next request is, team damage reflection, so if you’re not in favour of kicking players, you can enable to reflect the damage done, as so:

    TeamKillReflectDamage=true (default off)
    TeamKillReflectFullDamage=true (whether the teamdamage percentage is considered).

  • Reflection is a bad thing as it just increases the amount of damage done to your team. And there are a lot of situations the one receiving teamdamage is more responsible for this than the attacker (see below).

    Auto kick…

    You join a server and pick an Archer. You send an arrow in direction of the enemy spawn for scouting purposes and hit some random teammate fooling around there. YOU HAVE BEEN KICKED

    You join a server pick any class an run to the battlefield. You approach an enemy and start your strike as some random teammate pushes you aside running in front of your enemy and - naturally - gets hit by your strike. YOU HAVE BEEN KICKED

    You join a server and some teammate blocks your way out of the spawn. You kick him aside to get through. YOU HAVE BEEN KICKED

    Autokick needs some absolute threshold for teamdamage to make sure such things won’t happen. After all you don’t want to kick people for just attacking teammates but for intentionally hurting/killing teammates.

  • Two things,

    First; I knew I was forgetting something! Yes a total damage threshold is needed, or it’s a little too trigger happy. Personally I would set it to 400 before it activates. It can be something like, TeamKillDamageThreshold=400 , only then the percentage is considered.

    Second; These settings are OPTIONAL, it’s up to the server to be as strict as it likes, your failure to avoid team damage are all good examples of someone with a team damage percentage that would reach 30% at the end of a match. You’re playing reckless and also just not taking care when you’re around teammates, this isn’t for the first time players. This is to separate the the new players from those who are peaking good team play. Accidents happen, but all your scenario’s are extreme and rare, but the kicking thing is just not your role in the team to do.

    Also, all your examples allows someone to votekick you and the entire server only see’s your percentage. The votekick feature also still needs to show the total damage or damage-done to teammates.

  • Just make the team damage, like, 300% reflective. So if someone tries to grief you, they just die.

    It would teach people to be a lot more cautious.

  • What’s wrong with votekick.

    Someone is teamkilling.

    Votekick the idiot.

    He gets kicked.

    End of story.

    Don’t make the game less fun and more annoying.

  • I’ve seen servers where the other team didn’t vote “YES” because the teamkiller was technically helping them.

    But most of the time, votekick is alright, just as lemonater said. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.

  • Automation really makes something like this more complicated than it needs to be. If someone is deliberately attacking teammates, just poll them. It takes literally 3 seconds of your time.

  • Best to complain about it in chat too.

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