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  • Will Chivalry plan on introducing more classes that are meant to contribute more to the team and less to a personal score? I was thinking somewhere along the lines of a Friar who serves as a mobile ammo box, or a monk that can heal teammates. I am just spit balling here though.

  • friar as ammo mule? i don’t see any reason why levy troops(lowest tier) couldn’t serve as both support for the infantry and men at arms, and as an ammo mule. and ammo was carried on the user. there were no ammo crates full of bullets.

    to be honest, i’d prefer if the gameplay didn’t revolve around these cliched, overused and artificial "team"play mechanics. there are other, better ways to promote team work than silliness like a mobile ammo box.

    i’d truly like to see a “hollywood realistic” recreation of troop tiers. like from levy to professional infantry, mercenaries, men at arms, and knights. and then each of these “classes” will have a choice of weaponry appropriate to them. levy for example can choose between axe, spear and falchion. knights between mace, longsword, etc. and then the roles themselves will be customizable, with attributes that are complimentary to other members of the team. something like a physician trait that one chooses for their class/character. seriously, anyone can be an ammo mule. i don’t see the point of restricting it to a certain class. that’s the type of artificiality that breaks immersion and makes the game play like…well a game. maybe i’m hoping for something more than just a glorified chess match.

  • There is going to be support classes I guess.

    As you can read in the about page too.

  • @cinco:

    to be honest, i’d prefer if the gameplay didn’t revolve around these cliched, overused and artificial "team"play mechanics. there are other, better ways to promote team work than silliness like a mobile ammo box.

    I agree, such clichés doesn’t belong in a medieval setting, it makes it feel more like a game and less like a real battle…
    It’s all about pure adrenaline pumping action and steel blades clashing, there’s should be no healing others or assisting someone with more ammo… It will only detract from the core gameplay which is centered around fighting.

    And as you said, such mechanics are artifical, It’s like giving one player a sword and the other a shield to force them to work together…
    It’s much better if the players can play as a team with real combat tactics and not some item that force you to work together.

  • Yea good point.

  • Developer

    There will be A support class who will have the option of which ability he wishes to bring to the battlefield for his team. He will be capable of fighting as well, but generally geared towards players who prefer tactics over reflexes. Resupplying ammo is not a planned function of the support class. Can’t confirm much else on the matter at this point.

  • The support class will be known as the Blind Hermitic Archmagus who enchants his allies with magical shields, ignites their weapons in flames, and can heal the most grievous of wounds, as well as bringing to bear lightning bolts to smite down his enemies.

    The tradeoff for all of this immeasurable power, however, is that the Blind Hermitic Archmagus will, as the name implies, be completely blind, and thus rely on his other senses to maneuver around the battlefield. As such, Team Chivalry has a revolutionary new control scheme in the works for the Blind Hermitic Archmagus class which will finally incorporate the sense of smell into gaming, directly injecting chemical signals from your computer to your brain which will make it seem like you’re right in the midst of the bloody fight!

  • OMG! Can’t wait for the Blind Hermitic Archmagus!
    Can he spawn giant rocks as well?

  • As a way to balance the BHA’s powers, any objective with a horse will smell unbearably bad, thus preventing the BHA from camping and buffing such objectives.

  • What would be truly cinematic, and equally fun to play, would be war dogs which move swiftly and with great agility. They wouldn’t be effective at all against armored foes, but damned if they wouldn’t swarm over those blasted archers and rip them to shreds. They would be behemoth-dogs, like the Mabari in Dragon Age.

    The first person view would be lower to the ground, which would be a real trip, and perhaps even limited to grays, blues, and yellows (ha!). They could leap, however this would radically wear on their stamina. They could be armored in the face and shoulders, but not elsewhere. This class spawns merely out of my enmity for the archer class |:^\

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