How will special attacks effect gameplay?

  • Simply put how will special attacks effect the game-play at both pub and scrim level?

    A screen shot from the media section shows the longbow has double shot, how is this gained does it recharge and is it one per life?

    Are there any special attacks that are one shot kills that bypass block etc?

    I cant really say that I would enjoy a clan v clan scrim if the other team are all charging up special attacks and then hitting defenders with a HADOUKEN.

    I think what am trying to say is that will special attacks be the equivalent to a “Win” button. At the moment in clan v clan skirmishes its hectic and its all about teamwork and whittling down your opponents as a team so they die before the object.

    It would ruin the intense game play if all of sudden its all about special attacks.

    How will this effect individual player skill, if one person uses special and another does not does that guarantee the win.

  • Developer

    Ah, that image was just a concept, we probably shouldn’t have released it without modifying it to be accurate. But there will be no special attacks or “win buttons” in Chivalry, apologize for any inconvenience or confusion. Instead of hitting a button and watching your character do something awesome (assassins creed), we’d prefer to give players the ability to actually manually perform tasks that can be combined or manipulated with other combat options to feel like you have done an awesome move. So we want things that would be really difficult to pull off on a battlefield but look awesome, to actually take skill to perform in Chivalry.

  • Nice, always good to see developers that want their players doing the stuff and not the game :D

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