Team switch glitch

  • I encountered a strange glitch on Stonehill a few minutes ago that I don’t think is easily replicable. I joined a game during the “kill the king” objective and I spawned as an Agatha knight, but a moment later I was autobalanced to the Mason side. After I respawned my player could barely move(I could only move at normal speed after pressing the kick button) and the only player I could see and hear was the king. The killcounter was still showing kills made by other players and after I put an end to the king some players were complaining, so I assume this was some kind of weird inter-dimensional glitch.

  • There be some strange team switch glitches.

    There was one time I was team switch to the mason side on citadel on the second free the slaves part. My character could only move slowly sideways. I went to third person and my guy was stuck with his arms out leaning forward and stuck sideways.

    Went outside to say hello.

    Nobody killed me.

    Which was annoying. I didn’t want to lose 10 points.

    I became the agathians pet.

    Until the new guy came.

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