I have a dream!

  • First of all, a big Hello to the growing chivalry community and a special one to Steve P. Im an old proud gamer, flag carrier of the old spectrum generation warriors. For several years now, part of an international most prestiged U.K. based Clan of gamers, and ambassador for the Iberian community. this release was brought to my attention by a friend of mine, and soon realise that, perhaps, now, we do have at our grasp a true epic medieval game with the "ness" that seemed to be lacking in other titles. I´ve already spread the word in my mist of old companions throughout europe and in public forum in our fronts Clan homepage.
    Doing my leap of faith,…

    pre order will be sent tonight!
    cheers for the wonderful work so far, and looking forward for the outcome and post corrections.

    From Portugal,
    Abel MarQ. aka the phantom Cat

  • nice one fellow ! :D
    ill be playin this game too for sure ;)

  • Developer

    Hey Mate, welcome to the forums! Thanks for the special shout out, my ingame name is “Tibberius Bane”, see if you can manage to take my head before I take yours!

  • I will most certainly have a swing on that, my good Sir. :bonk: ;)

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