Advanced Skills Unlock and more suggestions

  • -add new advanced skills for each class, maybe unlocked above some rank
    -Vanguard : Dual wielding. On special weapon, you can sellect a secundary sword, so you can use two swords when you keep your main weapon. The benefits of dual weilding could be two SLASH strikes in a row, one right after the other without combo time or gap between them, one with each sword, at double a high cost of stamina. However, overcuts and stabs would still be applied just by the main weapon. and the block of dual wilding would still be with left sword, making the vanguard still vulnerable and ballanced against archers.

    man-at-arms: Fencing Sword Stance: You would select that stance/sword in the special items too.
    Man-at-arms would sacrifice the use of shield, by using a fencing, long sword or penetration sabers. The man-at-arms instead standing frontal, he would stand on his side with his sword pointed. He would sacrifice the damage and reach of his slash attacks, but would increase his reach and damage of stab attacks, perhaps could be allowed to stab faster.

    -Archers: They could get the possibility to add fire on 5 arrows, and both the target or the area shot will be on fire. High Angle shooting is another possibility, making a “line” ./. from a point to point according to the angle. those since harder to hit, could be hit kill.

    -knight. They could get a long chain flail. being able to attack in an increasing range. i am not sure if the knight is a good suggestion tho, but i really think the ones above are pretty good.

    Perhaps we you guys could work on add two more death animations: for piercing death, it could make a hole on the area you that got pierced. for over cuts strikes, could have a animation where the area between the shoulder and the neck gets ripped on a vertical line open kinda the middle of the chest (like the Hound killing on the blackwater war in game of thrones on 2nd season). But this animation would be only for heavy two handed weapons.

    i would like to give feedback on somethings that could help the game becomes more fun:

    -fix the 3rd person view when you are with your backs to a wall or a building/tree. the tree or the wall gets in front of the camera, so you are not able to see what is going on.
    -gravity and projectle drop are not real on throwing axes and knives. they should go a bit further, and with a little less drop. When i throw them, i feel like there is an magnect thing on the ground sucking them.

    • Gender interaction, please add female characters. But make them real, not with sex appeals. make them dress for war just like men, just give them a female body and voices. Come on guys, a lot girls are playing the game nowadays, and a lot of women fought wars too, including medieval ones, who remembers joanna d’arc?;p
      -remove the taunt “you smell like a woman”, it is a bit offensive if you are a girl playing it.
      -New skins, armors/helmet customizations. Who wouldn’t love to dress like a gladiator or a barbarian for a game like this too?;p

    Then game modes.
    Could add on future a huge battle mode, called “world war” or something the war there could be in a huge map, and the deployment of the unities would be in different spawn points. Archers would deploy with archers only. vanguard with vanguards, kngghts with knights and so on. then a commander, someone who pick the position would choose their respawn points on the map. and if the team has a good teamwork. they could work on get the enemy flanks. and differents team combinations. the goal could be total anihiliation, or make the enemy forces almost fully anihiliated in order to win. with time.

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