Running Chivalry on Linux

  • Here is a guide for Installing Chivalry on Linux.
    I am currently running Debian Wheezy (stable).

    1) Install PlayonLinux. This is an installer for wine games, for the most part.
    (as root)

    apt-get install playonlinux

    2) open the program that should be in your start menu, (PlayonLinux). Then click install (+).
    3) Install “Steam”, which should be listed and search-able in the menu
    4) After steam installs, install Chivalry from your library.
    …IMPORTANT!!! --> MAKE SURE YOU ARE RUNNING THE KDE DESKTOP ENVIRONMENT. Possibly gnome will work, but I know that cinnamon doesn’t, and multiple workspaces will stop it from running.

    Knight, with Sword of War

    Installing nVidia drivers.

    1. Download the driver you want to install
      2) Change its permissions, with this

    chmod +x /home/username/Downloads/nVidiadriver.blah.blah.blah (as root btw…)

    3) press alt+F1, to get to a terminal, and for a heads up you can get out of it with alt+F6/F5
    4) cd to your Downloads or the folder the driver is in.
    5) stop the x session with this command,

    /etc/init.d/kdm stop

    /etc/init,d/gdm stop (this might me gdm3, do an ls when in the /etc/init.d and see. That is for gnome btw)

    6) Run the installer for the driver like this: (You will need to navigate back to that driver)
    (# cd /home/username/Downloads)


    – Click yes and whatever
    7) When you are done, either restart your computer with (# init 6), or restart the desktop with /etc/init.d/kdm start (or gdm/gdm3)

    There you have it. Enjoy friends, its super cool to have Steam running on Linux that isn’t "Steam FOR Linux), whom has limited games, not including my favorite game “Chivalry”.

    Knight, with Sword of War

  • And what’s the advantage of Linux?

  • For the games that run on it? Improved performance because you aren’t having to run Windows in the background. For the user? It’s legally free, more secure, just as easy to use, easier to install and it runs faster. It is in every respect apart from support from major software studios, a superior OS to Windows.

  • Why not make a distro that includes it all? I had a look at one called ultimate vgood, plus just downloaded that steam os.
    also could you not get gamebooster for windows it stops a lot of background rubbish in windows while gaming tbh.

  • Thanks OP,
    This is handy,
    I might give it a try.
    (<–- dual boot ftw)

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