Can't find servers, UDK wont exit properly

  • hey guys, im new on this board and me and my brother got 2 copies of the game on the steam sale.
    My game works with no problem what so ever but his has 2 problems:

    1. He cant find any servers
    2. when he quits the game, steam says he is still playing and he has to manually exit the UDK.exe on the task manager.

    He has been fed up for a while now and we have tried everything. from changing beta participation to deleting the folder in my documents to uninstalling and re installing. we also tried fixing the firewall yet still, nothing works. He can play online on other steam games like CS:GO. I really need help!

  • please help us. We really dont know what to do. Its been 2 days since we bought the game and he still cant play.

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