Fan mail for the creators of this game.

  • Hello game developers.
    I just read that you dreamt of this game when you were making Age of Chivalry for HL 2…
    I just want to say, you’ve done it. This is one of the best games I’ve ever played.
    The combat takes skill to learn, and is very hard to master— it’s tight and FUN!
    Honestly, this may be the future of gaming. In a few years time tab targeting and lame activated abilities might have faded into obscurity.
    Your game is different. Playing this game (unless I’m failing hard XD) makes me feel like a skilled and powerful man.
    It’s a tremendous experience, and I’m very glad that I don’t need to put my life in (significant) danger to take part in this thrilling contest.

    Finally, you didn’t even charge me 50+ dollars for this content. The retail price is ~$30.

    I know this isn’t much, but I just want to say thank you :).

    PS: If you ever want something written for free, let me know and ill submit you a draft on the topic you want. It may be 80% garbage but you might still get a few good ideas from it :).

  • You just made their day !

  • Finally an optimistic post !
    And only 2 replies (mine included)…
    Anyways, good job reminding us why we play this game ;)

  • Chivalry FTW. So good, that even the people who bitch about it still play it!

    They really did a spectacular job for such a tiny workforce.

  • I feel like I cheated TBS by only paying $20 for their game.

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