Tutorial Mod

  • So I was thinking that this game really needs a more in-depth tutorial that explains terms like windup, release, recovery, etc. My programming skills are unfortunately not applicable to game development in the slightest. However, I think it could be a really useful tool for newer and even some of the older players. I think a lot of frustration in this game arises from simply not understanding the core mechanics, and I believe if we want to improve our community, we need to help put out the resources in-game to learn the fundamentals of Chivalry’s combat system.

    What do you guys think? TB has been pretty silent on this matter, so I thought if someone started working on a mod, they might officially support it in some way, or something to that effect.

  • Definitely needs a better tutorial. They are the most important aspect of a game and the most neglected, unfortunately. Teaching your player through the game is better, but with Chivalry that might be a little harder. I envision messages coming up on screen to tell you what you did wrong (block further left! Hit impacted your left shoulder!) for your first 10 levels maybe, obviously with the ability to turn it off, but that would take some heavy scripting to cover all the possibilities and explanations for what just happened. Not easy at all.

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