Can i play now ? Oh, 400ms. Ok.

  • Oh hai.

    I recently bought Chivalry with steam sales but i’m getting a real problem with my latency. Sometimes I can play because EVERY server shows me around 200-400ms. But, here’s the joke, i can play sometimes. Yeah, sometimes every server show me around 50-70ms. And there’s absolutly no reason to theses lags.

    And before you ask, I’m always playing on online games and I’m not getting any lag. It happens only on Chivalry.

  • Do you live in Brazil by chance?

  • Nope, I live in France.

  • Copy the IP address of what you consider to be a “good” server under normal circumstances. Then, traceroute your connection to it during high and low ping moments. That way you can compare to see whether or not it is a problem with your ISP or something else.

    I had a thing with my ISP where sometimes my route would be really weird and I would get high pings, but I find it unlikely that this would be the cause in your case. Either way, it would be good to see where these high ping times were coming from.

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