Too many players!

  • The amount of players is too damn high for skilled gameplay!

    32 players is just retardedly overpopulated. I’d much rather have servers with 12, 16 at most to have at least some coordination, objectives such as kill the king are impossible, due to fast respawn and everytime you get close to the king, 5 more respawn…
    I highly dislike playing with such a huge amount of players, it reminds me of playing OP Metro with 64 players on BF3.

    I think my recent video has shown why it’s neccessary to reduce the amount of players per server, as it is right now it’s run to the zerg and spam slash.

    It’s really hard to test things when all you get is a zerg in your face. I’d rather you would split up those high pop servers to 12 player servers, in order to keep them full and still enjoyable for testing purposes, like I said above, objectives and balancing are nearly impossible to test unless you have a friend or two to join a server and duel, which is boring since different people have different playstyles to find more “OP strategies” that might need some tweaking etc.


  • I also tend to avoid the close to 32 player battles and i really prefer to play in a low pop server where skill can actually make a difference.

    There is a possibility though that in the near future some big guilds might be able to pull off coordinated 16 vs 16 fights and for that reason plus for stress testing purposes those 32 player servers should exist during the beta.

    I also agree with you that the game’s balance can be tested in a better way in those smaller battles or even better in duels.

    So it’s not a bad idea for balance testing purposes (and for the people who enjoy it) to have a few low pop servers. If that doens’t happen during the closed beta, i’m sure a few of those servers will be avilable after the release.
    Finaly a versatile dueling system (1vs1, 2vs2, etc) seems like a must.

  • Think in terms of gameplay, it was the same as Age of Chivalry till models started affecting the FPS heavily (Retsnom found a fix for this),

    32 players on Objective Servers are fine, but FFA - Hardly a chance to get out of the way of someone, especially on Arena :P

    Think it should be server owners who decide on their server sizes (game made for 32 without issues iirc), I’m sure there will be lower cap servers though like in AoC.

    For Balance a small server generally doesn’t help lol, you can have have a class being good when their not “Bombarded” by enemies, while some could just be terrible with few enemies due to large fire rate / weapon types specifically for classes / skill, same with dueling really too, if you base it on small group fights, it can make some OP while others UP.

    Mix of all 3 really is probably how it’s all done :P

    I would hope to pull of 16 v 16 scrims, most definitely… Just need some more -KoTrT-

    OH… and before I forget, the reason people slash spam, is because some weapons are faster doing it compared to others blocking, if your opponent blocks its not a punishment for you (like aoc), it’s just generally a “OH, lets hit again” moment, hopefully that will change :)

  • I also prefer player numbers in the single digits per team, but the majority of people like big full servers and there have been numerous requests to make the maximum player count even higher. Come the game’s release there’ll definitely be servers with lower player counts to choose from, but I doubt any of the beta servers will be reduced from 32 max.

  • It is just way this way because of Beta, when the game will be released, you will find plenty of servers with low cap players on it don’t worry ! :)

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