Your Favorite Setups?

  • Hi everyone!

    I haven’t played Chivalry in a few months now, and a lot has changed since I left. But, now I’m back because a few other friends have started playing, and so I’m trying to get some idea of what setups are and aren’t very effective. So, I’m going to post my favorite setups, hopefully you’ll do the same, and hopefully I can get some feedback on why certain weapons or setups outshine others.

    So my current setups are:

    Archer - Warbow, saber, broadhead
    Vanguard - Halberd, hatchet, throwing axes
    Knight - Longsword, Norse sword, tower shield
    (I never play MaA)

    Now, if any of these setups are sub-par (as in there is a significantly better substitute on one of the choices), please clue me in on it. Specifically, I’m not sure if saber, broadhead, halberd, or longsword are the best choices for those slots, and have been switching around trying to get a feel for what I like best.

    So, I look forward to seeing your replies, either with tips for my choices, or your own setups.

    PS: I’m mainly trying to figure out WHY certain weapons are being used over others, so please list reasons! Also, rumor is there is a spreadsheet somewhere out there with info on damage, HTK, and attack times, so if anyone happens to know more about it or have a link, please let me know.

  • I’ve been screwing around with the brandistock. Good god, it’s great now. I don’t really like playing a vanguard because of the often negative stigma attached to the class, but I can turn the tides with that brandistock.

    Another new favorite is the poleax. Really fun weapon.

  • Yeah, I heard there’s been a change to spears recently. I’ll go try to interpret the patch notes, but in the meantime, what’s suddenly so great about them? I didn’t think they were all that special a few months ago, especially when compared to polearms.

  • Archer:
    Javelins, Saber, Buckler

    Claymore, something I never use, Throwing Axes

    Knight(my favourite class):
    Bearded Axe, Falchion(I never use it), Throwing Axes

    And I never play MAA.

    If I am Vanguard or Knight, I never use my side weapon since I’ve unlocked everything. I just know how to fight against foes with fast weapons by the slow but long and strong weapon. And Claymore of Bearded axe aren’t slow. Bearded axe is the fastest of the Knight’s primary weapons.

  • In regards to your archer class, I haven’t seen many people using the cudgel recently. Is that because it was nerfed or saber was buffed? Or is it just that with the steam sale, many players don’t have it unlocked? I’ve been playing around with all 3 secondaries, and I can’t really decide which I prefer.

  • My most favorite setup is:

    Random class - Random weapon

    When not playing this my recent favorites (tend to change often) are:

    Archer: Sling + Hunting Knife
    A fun setup. I just love killing with these weapons. So satifying.

    Man at Arms: Quarterstaff + Thrusting Dagger + Throwing Knifes
    Nice for utilizing speed. The Quarterstaff is reasonable long and people tend to have difficulties reading it. Most of the time I roll with the Thrusting Dagger though. You are like a bee delivering a fast sting then back up wait and do it again.

    Knight: Sword of War + Broadsword + Kite Shield
    A powerful setup. Lacks the punch other Knight weapons give you but makes up for it in speed and elegance. Depending on my mood I am using the Sword of War in two hands for more damage and reach, the Broadsword for additional speed ot the Sword of War in one hand for a mixture. Counter attacks are very powerful with this setup.

    Vanguard: Zweihänder + Saber + Throwing Knifes
    In contrast to the other setups this one is very slow. But I love the reach and stamina drain on the Zweihänder and that all of its attacks are quite damaging. Saber for added speed without losing too much reach. I sometimes replace it with the War Axe - short but very powerful.

  • Archer - Xbow/Sabre/Extra ammo

    MaA - Morning star/Shortsword/Firepot

    Vanguard - lol

    Knight - Maul/Norse Sword/Throwing axes

  • I rarily play archer, if I do I use the crossbow and cudgel. I aim for other archers, knowing that a torso shot will be all that I need.

    Man-at-Arms is a different story. Dane Axe or Norse Sword and a thrusting dagger for backup(Let them try and swing with a 4" blade poking into their ribs every second). Recently been giving firepots some more love, now that they have AoE.

    Vanguard. I’ve always been a spearman. Spear plus Dane Axe and depending on how many archers we’re facing. Smoke pots or throwing axes.

    As a Knight I tend to roll with a variety of weapons. Sometimes the maul, othertimes the longsword, sometimes the poleaxe, othertimes I just grab the warhammer.

  • I usually only play a knight. My favorite setups are:

    Longsword/Norse/Throwing axes

    Nothing is more satisfying than the crunch of an opponents head exploding underneath my hammer.

  • Recently tried spear as vanguard, which was really nice, and bearded axe as knight, which actually works pretty well too, with norse sword and tower shield for some fast hits and arrow blocking.

    Anyone have info on bodkin vs broadhead arrows in terms of hits to kill on others (with warbow)? Seems like broadhead is 1 torso shot for other archers still, which is nice, but I’m assuming that bodkin would grant one less hit to kill on either vanguard, knight, or both in return for one more HtK on archer

  • Archer: Heavy Crossbow/Short Spear, Shortsword/Thrusting Dagger, extra ammo for xbow
    MAA: Broadsword, Hunting Knife, Throwing Knives
    Vanguard: Claymore/Zweihander/Bradistock, Shortsword, Smoke Pots
    Knight: SoW/Messer, Broadsword, Throwing Axes/Tower Shield

  • Archer:Shortbow/Short Spear, Shortsword, extra ammo for xbow
    MAA: Quarterstaff, Shortsword, Shield (buckler isn’t a shield :P)
    Vanguard: Claymore, Shortsword, Throwing Axe
    Knight: SoW/Messer, Norsesword, Throwing Axes

    Quarterstaff is so fun to use, particularly in duel mode.

    SoW just looks sweet, still performs quite well since the patch. The Messar is also fun to use 1 handed.

    Vanguard, the Claymore is just so fast + range and decent damage why would you use anything else haha

    Archers: The shortbow is a quick firing beast, was better when you could still sprint with it drawn hehe. The shortsword is such a powerful secondary I can’t see any reason to use anything else if it is an option.

    The Norsesword because the broadsword is so cliche :P

  • 1. Archer: Javelins; Short Sword; Buckler
    2. Vanguard: Brandistock; axe; Throwing Axes (though i should try the Smoke Pots)
    3. MAA: Norse Sword; never use (i want the Cudgel though); Heater Shield
    4. Archer: one of the crossbows; Short Sword; depends

    (Heavy Javelins have far too low projectile speed to reliably hit or miss moving enemies/allies, and Short Spear is plusungood in melee, and doesn’t one-shot Archers in torso (huge difference))

  • MaA: Broadsword/Thrusting Dagger/Fire Pot or Heater(if feint spammers or archers)

    Vanguard: Zweihander pre-patch/Thrusting spear/Shortsword/Axes

    Knight: Grand Mace/Broadsword/Axes or Kite (if feint spammers or archers)

  • Archer: warbow, bodkins/broadheads, shortsword

    I change the arrows depending on how many archers I’m going against. I like bows in general more than crossbows personally.

    MAA: broadsword/norse sword/dane axe/morningstar/flanged mace, heater shield

    Even though MAA is my most player class, I still can’t decide what weapon I like the best. One of my favorites though is the morning star, definitely not the best MAA weapon but it’s fun to use. I use the heater for feinters, archers and for the passive ranged protection.

    Vanguard: Halberd, dane axe, smoke pots

    Don’t play vanguard much, but I do like the long stabbing weapons better than the swords. I used to use the spear before the patch, but I don’t like it a whole lot now. That alt overhead on the halberd is also very fun to use.

    Knight: Poleaxe, broadsword, towershield

    Probably my least played class. The poleaxe is definitely my favourite knight weapon though, it has great versatility; it has good range, good speed and can 2 hit kill any class. I use the tower for the passive protection.

  • I’m seeing a lot of broadsword over norse sword, which is surprising, because I thought the speed of the norse sword would make it more popular. Also, wyrda, I thought the spear became better with the most recent patch? Why don’t you like it now?

  • @lllAnteklll:

    Javelins, Saber, Buckler

    Claymore, something I never use, Throwing Axes

    Knight(my favourite class):
    Bearded Axe, Falchion(I never use it), Throwing Axes

    And I never play MAA.

    Now I play only as a knight or sometimes as an archer. And rarely as a Vanguard or MAA.

    Bearded Axe, Norse Sword, Throwing Axes
    Bearded axe is good in the battlerage where there is a lot of enemies. In 1vs1 fights I prefer the norse sword.

    Warbow, Sabre, Bodkins

  • You resurrected this 4 month old thread just to quote yourself to say that in the 4 months gone by you have changed what weapons you use. Like 99% of other players have in the last 4 months.

    I’ll never get some people.

  • @lemonater47:

    You resurrected this 4 month old thread just to quote yourself to say that in the 4 months gone by you have changed what weapons you use.

    He resurrected this 4 month old thread because he didn’t want to start a new one for the same purpose.

    For my part I still play random most at the time though I like fast weapons. Sadly most of the faster weapons are also short and got frustating to play because of this collision bubble. If some enemy is running in front of you its barely possible to hit him - so you have to yell © to make him turn around.

    I like to fight (against) the Bearded Axe - it just feels like a real weapon - while wielding a onehanded axe or Warhammer myself. People like to underestimate them so much.

  • the topic is kinda interesting though so it should keep going imo :D

    -primary: Warbow/Javelin
    -secondary: Shortsword, was nerfed a bit to much imo but I still prefer it over the sabre.
    -misc: broadhead arrows, always

    -primary: Broadsword/Morningstar
    -secondary: shortsword.
    -misc: Firepots/Buckler

    -primary: Zweihander/Thrusting Spear
    -secondary: shortsword
    -misc: throwing axes

    -primary: Maul/SOW
    -secondary: Broadsword/Morningstar
    -misc: throwing axes/tower shield

    I did prefer some other weapons before, norsesword/grandmace/fork/messer, for example, but now you can’t really compare them to the OP weapons there is. Norse is still way to fast with shields, but so is most weapons and I’m not a shielduser so I don’t profit from it But it can’t compete with broadswords damage and reach and wth the stab being as fast with both of the weapons it’s ridicolous.

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