Much needed tweak to the CTF gamemode! (imo)

  • NOBODY LIKES DRAWS! Can we please get an overtime when two teams have the same score? Due to the fast pace of this games ctf (a flag drops, it gets returned instantly on touch) things are always changing up, and its very exciting, gets you quite involved in the match, at least for me. I just played a really really good match, we were both tied on 1 flag cap, and just as i picked up the enemy flag once again, the match ended and it was a draw…it was a bummer. Can we please get overtime on draws in CTF just like you do in FFA when two or more people have the same score? I think it would add a good bit of fun to the gamemode :)!

  • People play ctf? :o

  • When a public server rolls it around the corner, sure!

  • CTF is really fun in other games, but I’ve been struggling to find CTF more fun than the other game modes in Chivalry :/ I dunno what makes it that way, so IMO it needs more than this tweak and I’d enjoy it more.

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