Idea for the mod placed in the Viking age

  • Well, I have an idea for the mod but I won’t make it because I can’t.

    Early-medieval Europe should be great idea for the mod. There is a mod for M&B Warband called Vikingr. Just look on this:

    Mod for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare placed in the Viking age would be wonderful!

  • I thought the same thing when I watched “Vikings.” The show starts off with the dude killing people with a spear, a dane axe, and a norse sword. There are even the viking style ships on hillside. All we need are some character models with mohawks and beards and some villages to pillage.

  • @thecoyote23:

    All we need are some character models with mohawks and beards and some villages to pillage.

    Mohawks? You’re on the wrong continent now :P Ok, sure, mohawk is an old hairstyle from every part of the world, but when I think viking, I think of long hair. Vikings were hygenic people, they washed and combed their hair often.

    “It is reported in the chronicle attributed to John of Wallingford that the Danes, thanks to their habit of combing their hair every day, of bathing every Saturday and regularly changing their clothes, were able to undermine the virtue of married women and even seduce the daughters of nobles to be their mistresses” (side note: saturday in nordic languages is lördag, which means ‘bathing day’.)

    Vikings weren’t dirty people, and they loved their hair :D

  • (the Viking era was the High Middle Ages, not Early Middle Ages)

    anyway, most that you need is already in the game, like the Norse Sword and Dane Axe, and the Heavy Javelin is roughly similar to the Viking spear. just maybe slightly enlarge the Buckler, make the Spear and the Bearded Axe one-handed, maybe add a two-handed Dane Axe instead, add a glaive, and you’d be done. just ban everything that they didn’t use (like Knights), and give the Vanguard a shield and one-handed weapons, and make Charge the special ability for all classes, you’d pretty much be done.

    in fact aside from banning Knights and Crossbows and such, pretty much the only changes it would need are really just realism fixes that the game needs anyway.

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