Danes Axe model bug.

  • When using the Dane axe (third unlock vanguard secondary) as a vanguard i was unable to see a result of my landed strikes. They sadly went through my opponent. This bug hasn’t happened to me before with any other weapon besides this Dane axe.
    I die every few deaths as a result of this bug when i use the weapon.
    so now i have switched to a war axe. please get back to me on this when its looked at.
    sorry if there are other similar posts but this has only been happening to me with the one weapon.
    Its only been noticed as of the last weapon update patch.
    I have experienced this from another few players yesterday
    a MAA who landed 3 hits on me that did no damage, and a vanguard that was having his axe slash through me and overhead through my torso.
    It might have something to do with fixing the axe glitches on angled attacks,
    probably alot to do with that seeing as this weapon only recently was released.

    Take your time on this one, but don’t forget its most probably an uncommon problem as my friends dont experience this bug when using the weapon. however they have noticed the bug too with other players.

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