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    [image:2nc224w1]http://i701.photobucket.com/albums/ww19/kimiko_desu/Just Me/kimikitteh.jpg[/image:2nc224w1]

    I’m going to regret this.

    Photoshop go!


    I’m not sure what we could add to that with photoshop? (Other than stuff that would breach forum, and standard social rules…), everything’s already there!

    I got nothin’

    (I think it may fuel Chiv forum fanfic writers for years to come though…)

    Once upon a time, deep in the forests of Arathane, a small girl was conceived between a cat, and a very strange Knight whose sigil resembled something of a flying bear, but also who had a strange obsession with doing….things…with animals. The knight left for the war, and left under the care of the cat. The cat taught the hybrid human-animal how to hunt and survive, and it grew into a remarkable young woman whose features composed of mainly of human origin, but still retaining the ears of a cat.

    THE END.

  • I…uh…

    Why thank you… xD

  • Bob gets jealous when I hit on Kimi in the forums.

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