Crimson Guard United[CGU]

  • Crimson Guards United Gaming Recruitment :

    In 2003 a small group of friends founded CG to play casually and focus our time on one game. It soon took off into more then one game and developed into what we now call “Crimson Guards United” gaming. PlanetSide 2 was chosen for its massive fps addictive game play and as of right now we have been openly recruiting on Waterson US East server.

    edit to personalize : “I would like to welcome those who have just joined and to show everyone my thanks for the support, I will be hosting a station cash giveaway when we reach 40 members on Planetside. CGU had already held more then a few youtube giveaways and gained about 100 + subscribers. For that we from CGU Gaming salute you all.”

    Division Requirements :

    So, we wanted to set up a strong division here on Planetside and so far its on the right track. We are accepting all applicants as of now until we have found our leadership to take command and set up in-game requirements. To join our leadership you must show you will be active, show you have what it takes to lead, and be able to promote CGU. It won’t we easy to start off but the leadership positions may go fast. We will let our current active members on Planetside make the final decision who they want to represent them.

    Additional Requirements for Leadership :

    Age 18+
    Active on ventrilo

    Other Divisions CGU Games on :

    We are also currently playing on GW2, League of legends, Minecraft, World Of Warcraft, Smite and others as well. For every game we play on we make it our mission to unite our fellow crimson guards of gaming.

    For more information please visit our website

    If you have any further questions please feel free to contact these IGN(s) :


    More Contact Information :

    Ventrilo : Port : 5935
    RaidCall : ID : 5383646
    E-mail :

  • NA or EU?

  • NA but we have MANY EU :)

  • ?B is NA as well. Would you guys be down for a scrim soon?

  • As i said we are “newer” to the Chivalry Community BUT once we get a little bit bigger of course! Actually CGU would be hosting a few when the time comes! :)

  • BUMP
    CGU now has a dedicated server up! Come join us! Just filter CGU and you’ll see us!

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