What do?

  • I think my game was installed wrong. I bought it from Steam and every “help” thread I’ve seen said to go to folders and do this with the files, but I don’t have the files. I’ve reinstalled the game twice now, same thing. If anyone has a solution to this, please let me know.

  • What exactly is wrong? Didn’t exactly specify anything.

  • Oh, whoops. I knew I missed something. Well, my game will launch, then the banner shows up, then an unresponsive windows shows up and I can’t do anything.

  • Did you read the Giant Solution List thread? If so have you tried all the options. Particularly running in compatibility mode?

  • Well, I would use the mega thread, but, like I said, I’m missing so many files. I don’t have any of the folders Keith said to go to and do this and this.

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